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And the soundtrack totally, utterly, completely rocks.

A sexually explicit romance about two sheep farmers in remote England that’s earned favourable comparisons to Brokeback Mountain. Johnny works long hours on his family’s remote hill farm.

Written and directed by John Landis (The Blues Brothers) at the height of his powers, American Werewolf…

set a standard for horrorcomedy that’s rarely been equalled.

He also forshadowed one of the selections for the Drive In section this year as he anticipated 'An American Werewolf in London viewed through the windscreen of your car.' The majority of the 200 films to screen in the festival will be announced at the full program launch on Wednesday 10 May.

Made in secret and on a micro-budget, A Ghost Story is a haunting and sparse love story starring Rooney Mara (Lion) and Oscar-winner Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea).

When the man is killed, he returns to the house they shared as a spectral presence covered by a white sheet.

Worried that his daughter will fail to get out of Romania, her father Romeo enters into a plan to protect his daughter’s future, even though it involves manipulating the system and entering into a labyrinth of bribery.An intense relationship forms between the two, which could change Johnny’s life forever.Francis Lee’s striking debut film employs near documentary elements, frank nudity, explicit sex scenes, and moving performances by its two lead actors to tell an ultimately optimistic and powerful story.Another highly anticipated debut is non-traditional horror A Ghost Story, starring Rooney Mara, which was a hit with critics at Sundance Film Festival.The independent film saw Casey Affleck, fresh from his controversial Oscar win, haunt the Girl With A Dragon Tattoo star as a ghost, represented by his standing under a sheet with eye holes cut out of it Halloween-style.

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