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I'm sorry to say that I can not post anywhere my schedule for releasing chapters as I have seen others do, but I just don't know when they shall come. I will say that I have never left a tale undone to date.

I would like to take a moment and thank all my helpers.

Is it bad that his friends didn't notice him disappearing? Severus thinks he's a fool, but Harry just thinks Severus is an old fart. Or in other words, Severus' greyhound falls for Potter's mutt. When a Muggle family arrives to the town of Mull, which is inhabited only by witches and wizards, Severus and Harry are forced to put aside their enmity to prevent the Wizarding World from exposure. In answer to the "New Measures for Screening Abuse" challenge at Potions and Snitches.

Harry does not dare to act on his feelings, until he thoughtlessly makes a magical vow that forces him to make a move. It's Christmas Eve and Sherlock only wishes to see John once more, before he continues to dismantel Moriarty's network. Main Pairing: SS/HP also contains HG/RW; DM/LLHarry watches as Snape gets bitten by Nagini, but then he remembers something that changes everything for both him and Snape. It looks at who you are, who you might become and says, "This one. Harry is temporarily displaced in time and chooses to disregard some laws.

He has worked out the perfect disguise to become unrecognizable to his friend and everything goes according to plan, until feelings get in the way. This person I shall work with." The Choosing itself is simple. Those at the Burrow are celebrating happily when Percy Weasley shows up with Rufus Scrimgeour in tow. In response to marthapreston4's "From Boggarts to Family" challenge: "After Lupin's class where Neville's Boggart turns into Severus Snape everyone laughs it off as childish fear, everyone but Snape. This is just a slice of life and we will only see from the time he arrives in the past to the time he leaves, we have no way of knowing if anything actually changes on Harry's return to the future.

This one is actually sprung up on me from a one shot that I read by Shadowycat called "Dueling with Dolts". This is Severus partially taken in by the Sung's, a Wizarding family from China.: This set of one shots were born out of a conversation with Raven's Dusk.

It morphed on me and took over becoming what it is now. I told her to go listen to Mercedes Lackey's "Price of Command".

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