Taurus female dating sagittarius male

Sagittarius is one of the signs least interested in sex and bulls are known for their insatiable appetite.

She may try her “seduce me” act for a while, but eventually will tire of trying to lure him into bed.

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The Taurus woman is stubborn and the Sagittarius man is honest and blunt.

He is looking for someone to accompany him on his Quest while she would prefer to sit on the sofa in socks and a tee and watch t.v. Unless she is a really unusual type of Taurus that can approach the relationship through her mind more than her senses, or he is the rare Sagittarius who values a homelife, it would be best for these two to leave this as a frolic and always imagine what might have been.

Sagittarian can be so friendly it’s annoying and irritating. If they do make a commitment, it will mean something different to each of them.

He is looking for someone to take along on the journey of life. He can be downright embarrassed by gestures of romance and cover his awkwardness by leaving suddenly.

It will help if you are athletic and adventuresome, as well. Sagittarians are known to turn tail and run from downers or if some who is just too boring or serious. He is looking for someone who is independent, adventuresome, and unlikely to bring him down in any way. Taurus us more interested in a full tummy, a filled larder, and a big fat bank account. What she really wants is someone to pay off her credit card.

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