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In that case, the woman told Dyer she was unable to have sex with him but could arrange a meeting with a 15-year-year-old cousin.

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The event saw promotional material released for three future productions, with Ashish Patil being announced as chief producer.

During sexual role play, Marshall stripped the victim and arrested him for "being a spy" and hacking into a Government laptop, the court heard.

The footage showed Mr Fasoli become visibly distressed as he was gagged and bound on his bed.

A 78-year-old Melbourne man was sentenced to 24 years in federal prison after prosecutors said he paid teenage girls for sexual relations and snapped pictures of them for personal use. At least one pair of victims discussed in the investigation were described as possibly being sisters, reports show.

Billy Leon Dyer pleaded guilty to the charge of producing child pornography in September during a hearing in U. Dyer’s illicit activities with girls, some believed to be as young as 13 to 15 years old, were uncovered during an undercover operation involving an officer posing online as a woman.

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