Priyanka chopra and ranbir kapoor dating

It was also reported that they took a shine to each other almost immediately and stayed in touch ever since.She is hot, she is sexy, she is that ultimate girl what one could wish to be.As you are all aware, Children's Day is celebrated on the birthday (anniversary) of Pandit Nehru.

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Priyanka Chopra Career This year will be phenomenal for success and finance.

Fame will be stable and will only grow stronger post June.

She will be acknowledged for her work between February and April and new work in terms of brand or television will be fruitful after May. Personal Life may take a back seat due to so much happening on the work front, though she will spend time travelling with friends and family.

While he may get multiple opportunities, he will prioritise his work, creating a work-home imbalance.

This year will bring him fame as well as criticism.

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