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Use a book such as "The 3rd Edition Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers" by Zachary R. The approximate value is also supplied, depending on the amplifier's condition.Contact a guitar and amplifier appraiser to find out specific details, such as the age and value of your amplifier.Features The new Antares software packs upload to the AT-200 via an i Pad or a computer with a MIDI Y-cable/Peavey AT-200B breakout box and a MIDI interface.The Complete Pack offers every currently available feature, which includes 13 alternate tunings, eight doubling settings, a virtual capo covering a range of 12 half-steps up/down, and 10 guitar and pickup modeling settings.This is a excellent playing guitar now, even if it is Korean made. Got to play this guitar for the first time live on stage that night. The rep told me "Eddie played it because he always plays all his guitars at the shows". Metallic copper rattle-can paint job, stickers, missing parts - looking pretty rough - I think there is a nice guitar in there somewhere.Comments and modifications to your Wolfgang This guitar was donated to to be raffled off for profit to support the music and art programs when funding was reduced in 1999. I'll find out over the next few weeks.'98 PAT PEND. PAINT IS CRACKING BY NECK PICKUP BUT I COULD CARE LESS. ONLY THING I DID WAS SAND DOWN THE NECK TO BETTER CONTOUR MY HAND WITH NORTON 400 GRIT PAPER, WORKS AMAZING AND NOW THE NECK FITS MY HAND LIKE A GLOVE. Comments and modifications to your Wolfgang I put a 1 inch rubber boot on the end of the wammy bar from a sling shot for grip. I took off the volume nob because the volume would get turned down when playing. I hope by giving you the serial # you can provide me information on the guitar and the worth. Thanks Christine Looks like previous owner made some slight modifications, Locking Nut was shimmed for very high action with pieces of paper.List Price 9Manufacturer Antares Audio Technologies, The Fret Control feature lets guitarists select different settings simply by engaging the string-tune function and plucking a single note.New guitar/pickup modeling settings provide access to a wide variety of humbucker, single-coil, bass and acoustic guitar tones.

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Read the amplifier technical specifications to assist you in dating your amplifier.

In addition to the String Tune and Solid-Tune functions provided by the original AT-200, Antares now includes upgraded Auto-Tune for Guitar software that adds a variety of alternate tunings, virtual capo settings, and guitar/pickup modeling sounds that are instantly accessible via the software’s Fret Control feature.

I took a look at the fully loaded Complete Pack, but Essential and Pro Pack options are also available for guitarists who don’t need or can’t afford the full monty.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in film/social sciences from Canterbury University.

This is a pre-production sample made for Eddie to approve before going into full production.

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