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Scorecards are then handed back to the hosts for the MATCHING process to begin.A MATCH consists of you ticking "yes" to the same person that has ticked "yes" to you on their opposing scorecard.The State Library of NSW Executive team is responsible for managing the Library, its collections, services and programs .The Executive is made up of the State Librarian & Chief Executive, and five Executive Directors.Our elite singles know they’re a catch but can’t find the time in their busy schedules to date.So, we provide 100% quality matchmaking services that lead our clients to finding long-term If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, then it’s time to get in touch with Blue Label Life today.

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Tweed Shire Council is introducing a new 3 Bin Collection Service for urban residents, including: a weekly organics collection service (green-lid bin) for all food scraps and garden waste; one garbage (red-lid) bin, and one recycling (yellow-lid) bin.

Council’s staff Values Statement is an important element in shaping the culture of our organisation.

Whether you have a one-off IT issue, larger project or need ongoing support, Blue Central can design a partnership and payment models to suit.

Wilmar Sugar were looking to implement a virtualisation solution to slash power and cooling costs, reduce the need for a pricey data centre migration, increase operational efficiency and capitalise on higher availability and flexibility that comes with running virtual workloads.

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