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After writing a report on this blog about nightshades, I was emailed by several people who totally “get it” about avoiding this group of foods because they too are acutely affected, as are thousands of patients I’ve counselled as well as myself... I love your book, “Pain / Inflammation Matters”; it addresses a remedy for one of the most serious plagues in our society...a supper simple remedy to arthritis-type disorders and soft tissue inflammation which no one else seems to have picked up on.

I would like to point out a big oversight in my opinion.left out plantar fasciitis, commonly called heal spurs.

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I discovered this magical place on my first visit to Mas du Flechon to meet my friend Alain Bicheron.

Olive trees surround you on either side, occaisonally punctuated by a flowering almond in the spring.I figured it wouldn't hurt to try and NOT eat I gave up tomato juice and within a few days the pain was gone...eureka!It is another soft tissue inflammation disorder that plagues me personally.Please permit me to tell you my ongoing story of learning about foods that contain solanine, otherwise known as nightshades.

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