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The dating pool isn’t as large as what you’ll find on Tinder, but Bumble attracts high quality women who are serious about finding a relationship.

You’ll find a huge spectrum of women on Ok Cupid, from edgy “alternative” free spirits to 9-5 career-driven ambitious types.

But how do you quantify chemistry on a dating site?

You can’t – face to face interaction is the only way to see if sparks fly between the two of you.

Most of the women on it are serious about meeting someone, so it’s a good place to spend your time. But it has one unique feature – only women can initiate contact.

You’ll need strong photos to get her swiping right.

That’s why you can never seem to attract the caliber of women you really want to meet.

If you’re sending her the same boring variation of “hi there” as all those other guys, don’t hold your breath for a response.

The profile writing, the photo selection, the tedious back and forth messaging. So that’s solution #1: Bring in an online dating expert.

For all you DIY’ers out there who don’t mind spending that 12 hours a week on dating sites and apps, solution #2 is this: Minimize the time you spend online while maximizing the number of dates you get. Get ready to take some notes…If you want to save time and frustration, focus your efforts on the sites and apps that best fit your circumstances.

Plus, predicting long-term compatibility is almost impossible because success in a relationship is in part determined by how a couple deals with life’s stresses, both big and small. Even the slightest misstep can destroy your chances, and you’re making a number of mistakes.

The hotter a woman is, the more messages she receives – and the pickier she has to become.

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