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He was turning into an asshole.” “Probably for the best,” Carl said. I cleaned out my ass before I came over, so that’s OK if you want it.” He half expected her to have “Property of Hell’s Angels” tattooed on her butt. Darlene had two children: Francine was three and her brother, Grady, was four.“Assholes usually stay assholes.” “Yeah, they do,” she agreed. She obviously had them both well under control when she brought them round to meet him.She knew what she wanted and why: “Like, I don’t want to go into a burger joint, order something and get my cherry popped before it arrives.I’ve got to get to know the guy some, first.” “You know you’ll have to get pregnant soon after you’re extracted, don’t you? “Yeah, Harriet says conks have to get pregnant inside six months. I can do that for sure.” At fifteen Linda could easily have passed for older, a brunette with well-shaped breasts, rounded hips and a waist.The two became best friends as soon as they met and wanted to stay together. She had breasts and hips, but was obviously still developing.Carl knew he could change her appearance later, but that didn’t help him here and now.That was a big topic among her girls: whether to lose their cherries before any pickup, offer it to a sponsor during a pickup, or keep it for after. She wasn’t ready for anal either, so her test drive would be blowjobs only, which Harriet passed on to Carl. Sophie wasn’t going to do anything he said for her ticket off Earth – she wanted her own input.Indirectly she was thinking about the man behind the CAP score. The pair had met about a year ago when the Confederacy had extracted Linda’s father and family.

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“I enjoyed giving BJs at school, it kept the boys happy and out of my panties,” she explained.

She wasn’t totally focused on that piece of plastic in his wallet.

The only women who ignored the number on his CAP card had a good score themselves.

Satisfied, she went back to retrieve her lunch and pay for it. If she interrupted him at work or was waiting for him in the lobby as he left it would probably put him on edge. Carl was half expecting a call from the front desk telling him that the black woman in the red top wanted to talk to him. Harriet, the black woman, looked in her late thirties, so she wasn’t underage or past her menopause. ” “I’m not eligible to go, but the card usually shows 6.3 so people don’t...” She paused, “My real score can get some very strange reactions.” “I can understand their reactions, but why the score? “Suddenly the older kids were adults, years before they were expecting, and most of them needed to find sponsors.

She’d definitely seen his CAP card when he’d dropped it – why did it to land face up? As he left work the receptionist handed him a note: There was a business card attached with the name Harriet T. She didn’t seem like an ax murderer, which was one reason he could think of for that “can’t” in her note. They arranged to meet on neutral ground, by the bandstand in Washington Park. I couldn’t leave them to do it on their own – without help they’d mostly have made a mess of it.

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