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Once again, apart from Stadium, few foreigners go there and you will probably be the only one on the dance floor.

There must be over 100 nightclubs and entertainment places in North Jakarta and it takes a lot of time to visit them all.

Some clubs are incredibly luxurious and decadent (Alexis Hotel, Sun City) and other are so trashy you are will feel uncomfortable inside (the Palme d'Or goes to Monggo Mas Club).

Overall, you go from surprises to surprises and you never get tired.

The main areas for partying in Jakarta are the following: Triple 9, Nu China, Tipsy, Hangover, Eastern Promise, Murphy's Pub It used to be a trendy area for partying but as of 2015, it is not that happening.

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In some clubs, everyone is on pills, for instance in Sydney 2000. South of Monas, you have a majority of upmarket classy clubs and bars, though not only.

When you enter this part of Jakarta, there are almost no clubs for foreigners.

Most venues in that area are targeting male clients with sexy dancers, massage rooms, karaokes, etc. Pecenongan (Emporium, Velvet Bar, Goldmine, Tease Club, Classic Club) Kota (Old Town, Colosseum, 1001) Lokasari and Mangga Besar (Mille's, Newton, Haze Karaoke, Travel Hotel, Exotis, Pujasera) Gadjah Mada (Malioboro, V2) Hayam Wuruk (Illigals, Stadium, Emerald Disco) Ancol and Mangga Dua (Hotel Alexis, Segarra, Fashion Hotel, M-Star) Kota Indah (also called Peng-J with some massage parlours and disco-bars) Taman Anggrek (mostly massage parlours), Pluit and PIK (many cafés and small bars), Kelapa Gading (spas and karaokes).

What we usually do is to start partying in the south, and then head up-north, so that the more drunk we are, the wilder the party gets.

Clubs in Kota also close later so it's good to know if you still feel like partying at 5am.

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