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I love the look of long nails but my nails have never been able to grow without breaking off or peeling.Every few years I would become tempted by acrylic/gel nails which would give me the beautiful, long nails that I could never achieve.Yo lo uso desde hace más de un año, ya que mis uñas parecían de mentira: Se doblaban y no lograba tener uñas dignas de mostrar; de hecho, se me descamaban y algunas veces se partían tan cerca de la piel que las sostiene que algunas veces ¡llegaba a ser doloroso!He usado tips y otros tipos de uñas para disimularlo, hasta que me topé con este producto, ¡y con él, mis uñas comenzaron a endurecerse y a cambiar de aspecto! Eso sí, tened cuidado al utilizarla, ya que en la primera aplicación se nota que el esmalte tiene unos componentes fuertes por su intenso olor, y es que sus fabricantes no recomiendan por nada el poner una sola capa para evitar molestias por su potente efecto, ¡yo misma las he sentido por aplicar demasiado y no lo recomiendo a nadie!My nails seem to have grown so much faster, and they are hard and strong with no breaks so far! I haven't experienced any burning or pain, like some others.The key is to apply a THIN coat, starting with just half your nail, like the directions say.As many people have said, i as well have tried basically every nail hardener out there, from high end to putting garlic in clear nail polish to biotin pills etc.Nothing ever worked, my nails will still break or peel.

I have very weak nails that tend to split at the sides or peel, and it's so frustrating when I'm trying to grow them out.

I often would complain to my coworkers and 2 of them told me on separate occasions that I needed to buy "this Colombian nail hardener with a green cap".

Neither of them knew the name, but I rushed out to my local beauty supply store and searched frantically for it.

" 20 minutes later, I was waving my hands around in the air frantically while my boyfriend just shot me an exasperated glance.

"The things women do for beauty..." Despite the slight burning/pressure sensation, I did not feel it was unbearable enough for me to give up. 2 months later, I have much stronger, healthier nails that are finally the length I desire! Of course monitor your body and if you are in SEVERE pain you need to stop using this because it could be an allergic reaction. =) Okay, so let me start by saying I've tried A LOT of nail hardeners on the market.

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