Dating website for blind people top paid dating sites 2013

Then, over the course of two or three months, his vision worsened so rapidly that he had to quit his job as an accountant. “I knew my vision was going to change, but I hoped that it wouldn’t—and there was no way that prepared for the transition,” he says. “When I did my own research online, I skipped over the inevitable blindness,” he laughs.

“We know from experience that with technological advances and developments comes increased independence and confidence for vision-impaired people,” said Tom Pey, the RLSB’s chief executive. “Take one finger and swipe it right,” Chalkias advises. Keep the contact briefer.” A blip—like leveling up in a video game—tells me I’m in the right place. He’s wearing an oversized purple shirt and pants with a tear over the knee. WLIJJ is the best I can do—three minutes later—before I accidentally close the window. Chalkias has cloudy blue eyes and tufts of blonde hair.A dating-app, created during the two-day gathering that uses six-second voice clips to help a user assess prospective dating candidates, impressed the competition’s judging panel the most.“We were inspired by RLSB's Kevin Satizabal who is blind and talked to us about his dating experiences - he said you fall in love with the voice first, there’s so much richness and intonation within a voice that gives clues to a person’s personality,” said a representative of the winning team.“For us this seemed like a great way to connect all people, not just those with vision impairment.”After finding initial matches based on the six-second clips, the users can talk in six-second memos.The more they talk, the more possibilities for enhancing the chat they unlock.

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