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In central North America, the platform sedimentary deposits are between 1000 to 2000 meters thick.

Together the shield and platform form what geologists call a craton.

Rocks found in the shields were formed during the Precambrian and are some of the oldest rocks found on the Earth.

In Canada, some of the metamorphic rocks have been dated to an age of 3.96 billion years.

Continental crust contains some very old rocks that were formed during the Precambrian between 3 and 4 billion years ago. Isotopic dating of the rocks found on the sea-floor indicates that they were created less that 180 million years ago (see topic 10i and Figure 10i-1 for more information on the age of oceanic crust).

Studies of seismic waves have discovered that the Earth's crust consists of two basic types.

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Most of the Earth's continental cratons have been tectonically stable and have experienced little deformation for hundreds of millions of years.

Around the edge of the continental cratons are the continental margins.

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